Characteristics of computer means its rates or features.


 Characteristics of computer means its rates or features. 


 Although the computer are of colorful types depending on their size and capacity but all the computers have some common characteristics. characteristics of computer As you all knows that a computer has a lot of features or characteristics but in all those characteristics 5 are the most popular. 


 Thus the five Major characteristics of computers are given below 





 Data Storehouse Capacity 


 Now let's compactly describe about all the below listed 5 characteristics of computers. 




 Speed is the first major from all the five major characteristics of computer. 


 Speed of a computer device is veritably presto as it can perform in a many seconds, the quantum of computation or anything that we're mortal being can do in an entire time or further. 

2 gigahertz to 4 gigahertz is the speed range of computer device. 




 Delicacy of a computer is harmonious. Computer gives us accurate result or computation. 


 Error occurs in result for any computation in a computer are only due to wrong program or instruction, trip in input dataetc. 


 You can directly says that crimes in computers can be only due to mortal beings. Else the delicacy of a computer device is constantly high. 



 Computer is a harmonious machine, it means that computer noway gets tired of working more. You can use computer to perform your task without any error for any number of hours, any number of hours means you can use your computer system continuously for 24 hours a day and 365 days a time. 

Data storehouse capacity 

 Computer can store huge quantum of data in a small sized storehouse fragment similar as hard fragment, CD, DVD, PenDrive, memory cardetc. 


 Let's give you an idea that now a computer can store huge quantum of data in a small storehouse fragment. For illustration a Pen drive of 16 GB is enough to store the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica. 



 It's the fifth major characteristics of computer. 

 Inflexibility means that a computer can work in numerous areas like you can use your computer system to 


 Watch pictures or vids 

 Hear sounds or musics 

 Play games 

 See filmland 

 Write textual documents and save 

 Open and read anything 

and numerous further 

 Some Further Characteristics of Computer 

 Then are the list of 3 more common characteristics of a computer system, that are 



 Remembrance Power 


The computer system is veritably protean machine. The most awful point of the conditioning of different types from simple computation to the complex scientific operations and calculations and is also able of preparing the examination marks wastes, bills, letters, documents, and also the design and modelling of navigating dumdums and satellites. 



 The word robotization is conjoint with the computer for a particular task, the computer doesn't completely depend on the stoner, but it proceeds the task in forward direction automatically till its completion. 


 Computers can be fluently programmed to perform a series of task according to the conditions. The computer automatically executes these instructions successionally, if any error occurs, it produces the applicable error communication. 


 Remembrance Power 

The computer can store and recall the information at any time because of the presence of the secondary storehouse bias, But this isn't possible with the mortal beings. 


 Although the brain of mortal being can store unlimiteddata.ter 

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