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Features Of KBC:

In India, every person knows about the popular and top-rated reality game show named ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’. Among all game shows in India, this is the most viewed game show. The best characteristic of this show is that participants are able to play online this game, they are able to Check KBC Lottery Online even from home with the help of an internet connection. In this section, we will discuss some updated features of this reality game show.

1.      Sim Card Feature:

In today's life, every person has convenience with a Sim Card which is the basic need of life nowadays. If you interested in this reality game show then this feature is the best option for you, which means you are allowed to participate in this game with the help of Sim Card. There is no need for a specific network sim card, every network user can play this game.

One another good option for you that in the case of a Sim Card you don’t need to register yourself because your sim is already biometrically registered by the government. You can apply every month for the KBC sim card feature and can check KBC Winner List 2021 via smartphones.


2.      WhatsApp Feature:

WhatsApp is the top-rated social media app throughout the world and becomes very popular. Now maximum smartphone users, uses the WhatsApp platform for online data send and receive. Because of its easy and simple procedure, this App is growing positive rate day by day.

That is why KBC launch the WhatsApp feature so that more and more people can benefit from this game and win the huge amount of price in a short interval of time. And also this is the policy of this reality game show to help the maximum people. Just like the sim card feature, you can play this feature every month.


3.      Imo Feature:

Imo works like WhatsApp. People also use this app for the data sending and receiving process. Apart from this, you are able to participate in this reality game show via Imo. a list of people who won up to 25 lakh rupees in these features of the Kaun Banega Crorepati reality game show KBC Winner List.


How To Play This Game:

Every game shows have their own rules similarly this reality game show (KBC) also has some rule and regulations, must follow these in order to win the huge amount of price. You can Check KBC Lottery Online and you are able to see the KBC Winner List 2021 via smartphones from home. The basic requirement to play the game is below.

·         The very first requirement is that you must a citizen of India. When you participate you must have a legal Indian nationality.

·         The second rule is that you must be 18 or above year old otherwise there will no chance for you.

·         Must have a good health condition and a fresh mindset.

That thing which you don’t need. The very first thing is you don’t need any special degree or specific certificate to play this game. This is the big reason that fans of this show become increase day by day.


Is KBC Depends On Quiz:

This is a very common question that fans always ask. In this section, we will clear this point and also discuss that how this quiz takes by KBC management.

This is the truth that this reality game show is dependent on quiz. This is not a written quiz but the host will ask you some questions, every question has 4 options (MCQs) and a specific time. If you really wish to win the amount in KBC then you need to choose the correct options and pass this quiz.

Let's discuss the important topics which repeat in the quiz. There are basic topics which you need to prepare for this quiz.

·         Current affairs are an important topic for quiz. It means that you must be familiar with the current situation not only in India but throughout the world. A good option for this topic is, read the newspaper on a daily basis.

·         History is also a role in this quiz. Try to read the history books, especially you need to know about your own country.

·         Also read about general knowledge, geography and religion.


Be Aware Of Scammers People:

It is absolutely true that different people on KBC's name will scam you differently. So, do not make yourself innocent in this matter. Because many such innocent people have been deceived by scammers. You can withdraw from your prize by coming into the trap of these people and at the same time, you can also lose your personal information.

If you face these fraud people, must report them to the KBC head office in order to protect you from these people.



You see that how this game has a simple rule to play, if you fulfill the above requirement then why you are waiting, register in this game, and Check KBC Lottery Online. Visit the official website and see the latest KBC Winner List 2021 of successful people who won the huge amount price.    

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