How does Medical Marijuana Naples Reduce Chronic Migraines

Some studies have established that Medical Marijuana is helping patients suffering from chronic headaches and migraines. With your Medical Marijuana Card, subject to renewal by the regulatory body, you can get access to Medical Marijuana products that can remedy the migraines and headaches you get often. It is an easy process, especially when you have the professionals at My Florida Green working with you to fulfill the requirement. Even when you need a renewal for your Marijuana Naples, they got you covered. If you need more information and hear from other patients who benefit from adding Medical Marijuana to their treatment, patient advocates will give you access to research and countless successful testimonials.  Migraines and headaches can be managed and prevented; invest some time with My Florida Green's experts for booking your appointment with a Medical Marijuana physician.


What is Medical Marijuana?

The two most common Medical Marijuana constituents that are used for medical use today are THC and CBD; however, more derivatives are being discovered. These components come from a flowering herb, Cannabis Sativa. This healing herb has many advantages which are being discovered through scientific research. THC & CBD, the two most active components, give health benefits that patients experience after adding Medical Marijuana to their treatment. About 480 components in Marijuana have been identified that have shown remarkable benefits for several medical conditions; 66 of these components are classified collectively as cannabinoids. However, only tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are well studied and researched. CBD is cannabidiol acid (CBDA), which converts to CBD when exposed to heat. The conversion of THCA and CBDA to THC and CBD, respectively, is probably why those two active components are the most abundantly used in Medical Marijuana products.

Physicians at My Florida Green stay up-to-date with these researches and are on top of all the medical benefits that one can take from adding Medical Marijuana Doctor Bonita Springs to their treatment plan. You can start your journey from a free eligibility check on their website to access the most experienced state-licensed Marijuana physicians in Florida.

How Medical Marijuana works to reduce migraines and headaches

All the components classified as cannabinoids can interact with the body through the endocannabinoid system resulting in most of the benefits from Medical Marijuana. When you consume Marijuana, the THC and CBD chemical compounds interact with some of the brain and the body's receptors to give the experiences that we get from the herb. The mechanism through which Medical Marijuana reduces migraines and headaches is not clearly known, and more clinical trials are required to unravel them. CBD interacts with receptors that are linked to pain and inflammation, and when CBD  acts on these effects it results in a reduced effect on the severity of pain of migraines. Some studies showed that as the active components interact with the endocannabinoid system, they interfere with the pain receptor, resulting in the release of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides from nerve endings. All the components work synergistically on receptors on the central nervous system and nerve cells to give its analgesic effect.

How can you add Marijuana Migraine to your treatment?

Even though there is still more information needed to determine how Medical Marijuana gives its analgesic effect, the patients who have used Medical Marijuana Fort Lauderdale have stated its remarkable benefits and will testify to the relief they get after taking the recommended dosage for their ailment. Medical Marijuana is easily abused and can make one develop a dependency on it. Hence some regulatory restrictions are placed on its production, sale, purchase, and consumption. If you need to receive treatment for migraines and headaches, the first step you should take is to speak with a professional at My Florida Green. Physicians are responsible for accessing symptoms and your medical condition and can recommend Marijuana treatment for you. The physicians at My Florida Green will recommend a dosage and the product most suited for your health condition. One important thing they help you to achieve is the Medical Marijuana card. You can't do anything with Marijuana without the card. It is your government-recognized license to receive Marijuana treatment from any of the approved dispensaries.

At My Florida Green, the physician ensures you get the Medical Marijuana Card and get a Marijuana recommended most suited for your treatment. When you want to purchase a Medical Marijuana, you will be asked to produce a valid identification card and your Marijuana card. If you don't know of any dispensary, the physician with My Florida Green will direct you to places with the right mix of THC and CBD to relieve your migraine pain. You don't need to repeat the physician's recommended dose because the recommended dosage will be reduced accordingly as your health condition improves. My Florida Green professionals follow through with the improvements to your health and ensure you don't grow any form of addiction to Medical Marijuana.

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