How Famous Do You Have to Be to Have a Wikipedia Page

How Famous Do You Have to Be to Have a Wikipedia Page


Wikipedia is the dream of any business, brand, or person who is doing well in their business or has any exceptional skills that they need to know about anything in the world. Wikipedia is a great and huge platform known all over the world. This was possible due to the quality of the content it provides to its readers. It is a free encyclopedia that guides the readers and helps them gain information on a certain topic. The list of contributors on the platform is huge. This is why notability is the prime factor in Wikipedia page creation. The business or the person should be notable to 100 people at least.


Although Wikipedia has tough and strict guidelines for page submission, they are worth it. Rules are mentioned for research and writing of the content. Then there are rules for formatting and submission. Prerequisites are required to be fulfilled to create a page. The most important and mandatory prerequisite is notability. This makes the business eligible to create a page.

This is why people have a question in their mind How Famous Do You Have to Be to Have a Wikipedia Page?


The notability criteria

Wikipedia is known for its authenticity and credibility. W which is why quality is t compromised at any cost. The authenticity of the subject matters a lot. The subject should be mentioned as a reliable and credible platform. These platforms could be FORBES or New York times magazine. 

The information available about the subject should be real. This is why the editors try to verify them from authentic sources. Therefore, it is important to provide authentic sources and references.


The quantity matters here. Multiple platforms must be shared to check the information that is provided. At least 2 or 3 online sources. Reach is the main thing here. The more the reach, the higher the chances for recognition.


Ways to build notability

There are various guidelines provided by Wikipedia to build notability. Let’s dive into them.

Approach the credible platforms

Pitching can be done for this. Credible platforms can be used to feature yourself on it. The author section can be used for prominence. 


Consult professionals

Professionals can do the job better in any profession. Professionals can be consulted to make you prominent and build your presence. They devise strategies that will help you increase your online presence. There are deep-rooted insights that make the person eligible.  


Primary resources

These resources refer to the direct link of the sources with the subject. Such resources are discouraged by Wikipedia. Direct resources from the original site of the business are not accepted by Wikipedia. Secondary resources are required. This is because everyone can talk good about themselves. But real recognition is when someone regards you as the best. When it is from a secondary resource, the approach is unbiased. Self-published bogs are not required. Such information is considered uncertain.


Therefore, resources are required that provide real information. This is why third-party resources are suitable. This resource can be used to add to the page. This is how you follow the guidelines of Wikipedia. Other Wikipedia pages cannot be accepted by the platform. This sin is discouraged because there is a chance of unauthenticity. The pages on Wikipedia are edited and there is vandalism. This is why the edits can be fake and malicious. This is why Wikipedia does not allow such edits. 


The credibility of referred sources

The creation of a Wikipedia page involves a big process. From notability to adding credible resources. Citation is an important part of a Wikipedia page. The cited sources and their authenticity is the main part of the page. This marks the reach and presence of the business. The source that you are referring to should be authentic. Look and search for its authenticity. This is where their notability matters. Several platforms are not so reliable. 

It should be noted that Wikipedia stopped the creator of the page to stop using Fox News as a credible source. Therefore, such sources must be avoided. The sources avoided by Wikipedia are com, Fox News, WikiLeaks, Self-published material, and Wikileaks.



Being famous is the dream of every individual in this world. For this, they work hard and try to establish their business, do work, or develop a skill. And then they want to get featured on Wikipedia. For this, they need to build their online presence. Multiple credible sources are required to show your presence. These sources are the reference that you need to show online.




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