How is Medical Marijuana Naples Helping Terminally ill Patients

Terminally ill patients go through a lot of pain, suffering, and emotional turmoil. As their health deteriorates, their symptoms get progressively worse, and healthcare providers struggle to bring relief to such patients. Most of their efforts and focused on reducing the patient's pain, to take whatever time they have left comfortable. Even if they have a terminal illness, it is pertinent that the quality of their life is improved. Palliative care physicians use different combinations of opioids to reduce the suffering of these patients. The opioids give temporary relief but at the same time cause side effects that add to the troubles of the terminally ill patient. For instance, opioids may cause constipation, seizures, hyperalgesia, respiratory issues, nausea, and confusion in some patients. There is also the possibility of addiction to the opioid if are given continuously in large doses to reduce pain. Due to these effects, sometimes clinicians need to limit the use of opioids and other pain-relieving drugs, making the life of these patients very difficult.

Many clinical trials and research studies have established Medical Marijuana's effect on reducing chronic pain. Many studies have stated that the patient's quality of life improved significantly with adding Medical Marijuana to their treatment plan. Patients getting cancer treatment suffer the most as they have to bear the side effects of chemo and radiotherapy. Such patients benefit significantly from Marijuana, as it reduces pain, improves nausea, and boosts appetite. Terminally ill patients also suffer from mental health issues and symptoms, and Marijuana Naples improves them significantly. Terminally ill patients are eligible to add Medical Marijuana so they can benefit from its remarkable healing properties. If an experienced physician verifies you for Marijuana use, you will get a Florida Marijuana Card. Physicians at My Florida Green have embraced the benefit of Medical Marijuana and are educating and empowering patients to manage their Medical Marijuana treatment. My Florida Green has offices distributed across many different cities in Florida, and you can walk into any of the centers. They have a compassionate team of experts that will guide you along your Marijuana journey.

What conditions are called terminal illnesses?

Some of you may wonder which conditions are called terminal illnesses. Terminal illness is a term used for any health condition that cannot be cured. These patients know that they have a certain life expectancy, and their disease will likely result in death.  Illnesses like terminal cancer and AIDS can be termed as terminal if they have advanced to a stage where they cannot be treated, and only palliative care is given to such patients.

The primary issue surrounding a terminal illness is the psychological trauma associated with the ordeal, which makes management and care of these patients very difficult. Such patients have stated that adding Marijuana in their treatment reduces their pain and improves their depression. It also improves sleep quality, improving the overall quality of life if their last days.

How is Medical Marijuana is helping cancer patients?

Cancer is a terminal illness that causes debilitating pain and immense suffering to patients. Advancements in medicine have developed many successful regimes to treat cancer, their potent therapies help the patient fight cancer but can also result in some undesired side effects. These side effects make the patient's life very difficult, and traditional drugs struggle to help patients. Medical Marijuana is a beacon of relief and hope for such patients. Adding Marijuana helps manage symptoms caused by cancer treatments, medications, and therapies, leading to improved quality of patient's life.

However, adding Medical Marijuana to your treatment plan, and if it will help you is a decision that only an experienced physician should take. You should discuss your medical condition and symptoms with your physicians and should choose the Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota product that a Marijuana physician recommends. My Florida Green has a vast network of experienced Medical Marijuana physicians, that are giving Marijuana recommendations to new patients in Naples, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Melbourne, and other cities in Florida.

Medical Marijuana helps improve appetite in terminally ill patients, like in some cancer patients. Most of the patients go through periods of complete loss of appetite due to the intense radio and chemotherapy. Cancers of the mouth and oral cavity can prevent swallowing and cause the pleasure of eating a painful experience for them. Some cancer patients also make patients feel full, and their desire to eat is reduced significantly. Some hormones released by cancer cells may also lead to loss of appetite in certain patients. The loss of appetite and the joy of eating adds to the patient's poor quality of life. While studying the effect of Marijuana on pain relief, scientists found that the active component THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in Medical Marijuana improves patients' taste sensation. When some cancer patients were given THC for some days, their appetite increased, and they started enjoying food.

However, studies raised concerns that the right Medical Marijuana Card Naples product should be used: which strain, form, combination, and dosage are best for cancer patients needs more in-depth analysis. No one combination works well for all patients, as each case is unique. Different Marijuana products have different effects; the way Marijuana is consumed has a significant impact on its effectiveness. Due to this variation in Medical Marijuana derivatives and their efficacy, it is paramount to get a physician recommendation, especially physicians who have experience managing cancer patients. Hence, you should use My Florida Green as your partner in your Marijuana journey. They have a huge network of medical professionals helping thousands of patients with the most appropriate Marijuana recommendation to give maximum effects.

Marijuana's effect on pain has been established. There has been much said about the effect of THC and CBD on the cannabinoid system; it is the primary point through which the active components of Medical Marijuana bring about their healing effects. THC binds to the pain receptors in the nerve cells responsible for communicating pain sensations to the brain in the body, reducing the sensation of pain. The feeling of high that THC causes sometimes diverts the focus of Marijuana's advantages for cancer patients. However, more clinical studies and research needs to be done to establish how Marijuana works on cancer and its benefits to terminally ill patients. Some physicians want to wait for more evidence before they are comfortable with giving Medical Marijuana to cancer patients. However, terminal illness and cancer are on the list of qualifying conditions, so if you want to improve your symptoms by adding Medical Marijuana, reach out to experts at My Florida Green. You can speak to any of the professionals with ample experience, and you will be guided on the dosage and mode of consumption of Marijuana.

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