How to apply for a loan for my company?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a consolidated businessman and you need to give your business a financial boost, requesting a loan will always be a good option. Private financing is always positive for your business, as it will provide you with the immediate liquidity you need and will help you reach your investment goals at the right time. 

What is a business loan?

Let's start briefly by explaining what a business loan is quickly and clearly. A business loan is a type of loan that different financial entities can grant to help companies obtain the necessary liquidity they need to develop their goals, previously agreeing on conditions that help to reach an agreement between both parties. 

At Tu Mejor Loan we have several private equity financing lines with a mortgage guarantee. This means that with us, you will be able to access a loan in exchange for presenting as collateral a property owned by a family member or friend. 

As experts, we recommend that when considering requesting a loan you take into account the context in which you find yourself. It is very important that your situation meets the optimal conditions, indicated below. 

Optimal conditions to request a loan

  • Before starting, you need to see and realistically establish how much money you need to solve your specific need for liquidity. Always keep in mind your financial situation and what you need to achieve your business objectives, which have to be realistic and marked over time.
  • It is also crucial to know how we are going to repay the loan to the entity. Depending on the required amount and interest rates. View the amount you need and the conditions under which you are going to return it. You can consult our conditions, since we try to adapt them to the situation of each client. 
  • Remember to have a mortgage guarantee, that is, a house or apartment,   since this will work as a return guarantee. This property can be yours, a family member, a friend and presenting it is an essential requirement to access this type of financing.
  • Another very important factor is having a good credit history. You need to have your financial history in order. Avoid having pending and unpaid invoices of any kind, since if you appear before the lender with a good financial reputation, it will be able to positively evaluate the level of trust and compliance with the payment of your obligations and it will be easier and faster for you to access all kinds of loans. 
  • Finally, always study all possible options . Evaluate different entities, the conditions offered by each one and before making a decision, review the financing lines well to assess which loan best suits your needs as an entrepreneur.

In Tu Mejor Loan we work so that entrepreneurs and businessmen can make their objectives and work projects come true. We help each day to achieve different financial goals through different types of business loans. 

Lines of financing for companies of Your Best Loan

  • Liquidity for companies: taking into account your commercial and / or professional activity, from Your Best Loan we help you finance your lack of liquidity so that you can achieve your objectives.  
  • For developers: through the financing for developers you can have a loan for your real estate development in such a way that your economic activity will not cease. With our loans you can continue to grow progressively without letting the lack of liquidity slow down your projects and lose money with your real estate construction.  
  • Rehabilitation and reforms: if in the life cycle of your project requires a rehabilitation and / or reform we can help you through rapid financing to rehabilitate residential buildings, homes, hotels, offices and commercial premises or make reforms for commercial uses and provide you with liquidity on the assets you have not yet sold.
  • Financing premises and warehouses: presenting an industrial warehouse or premises free of charges as collateral, you will be able to access loans aimed at the unforeseen events that may involve having business in commercial premises and / or industrial warehouses and thus avoid destabilizing the entrepreneur so that he can continue being competitive. 
  • Asset financing: this type of financing aims to continue with the reforms and rehabilitation of your assets. In Tu Mejor Loans we finance equity companies, providing the necessary financial resources.  

We know that financial needs are varied and in Tu Mejor Loan we want to offer you through the best service the conditions that best suit you, to provide a solution.

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