How to Make Your Brand More Lucrative With a Video Ad

Almost everyone around us is nowadays equipped with the internet and has exposure to the web, which has completely reformed the face of traditional advertising. While print media was used predominantly, such as newspapers and magazines, some degree of advertising was also done via exclusively audio channels such as the radio. With the increasing demand for visuals and the higher response of the public to videos, the traditional means of advertising have become more or less obsolete.

Visual media now dominates the marketing and entertainment industries. Every other person is now equipped with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even smart TVs, due to which the need to go and purchase a magazine or newspaper and go through it seems like a chore. Why would anyone opt for that when a less time-consuming and more engaging option is available at hand? Due to this reason, a corporate video production agency has become an essential part of our daily lives.

Why You Should Hire a Corporate Video Production Agency

A corporate video production agency is an agency that will make an advertisement for your business or brand. They can also provide services for live streaming purposes and photography. With the help of a corporate video production agency, your brand can have an ad that will increase its exposure as well as improve your business output.

While there are numerous benefits of hiring a corporate video production agency, some of them include

1.      Simple And Effective

 The most important source of obtaining information for humans is through vision. Not only is visual information absorbed more readily, but it is also retained for longer periods. Video advertisements can engage almost all kinds of audiences, including the uneducated, the visually impaired and the audio part of the ad can be understood by those who are unable to see.

2.     Search Engine Optimized

 Search engines prefer videos over text. This is because videos provide greater quality of information that is absorbed more effectively by our brain as compared to written or audio forms. Not only that, watching a video increases the amount of time you spend on a website as a result of which the video shows up higher on Google search.

3.     Consumers Prefer Video

 Research has shown that a product is more likely to be launched successfully if it has good advertisement to go with it. This is because the message is conveyed easily with the help of a video rather than ads in print media. It has also been observed that more than fifty percent of consumers purchase a product after watching a video ad.

4.      Return On Investment

 While getting a video ad made for your brand may be expensive, videos have been found to generate the greatest return on investment. Not only will a video make back any money spent on it but also provide stellar marketing for your business which will help launch it into popular culture. The consumers will watch the ad and purchase the product, which otherwise would have been oblivious to the existence of your business.

5.     Video Lends Credibility

 If your business has a video ad, it is more likely to be trusted by the public. Your video ad is the representation of your brand to the public and you can manipulate it as you like. A video ad is the easiest way to deliver your mission statement to the masses and see their response. You can then change and adjust your brand according to what the public likes. A video ad also plays an important role in improving the image of your business and presents it in the best possible light.

6.      Videos Are Persuasive

 When a video is put on social media, it is shared and re-shared multiple times as a result of which the video reaches many audiences purely by chance. And we all know the more exposure to the brand, the better. More viewers mean more people purchasing the product, and it has been observed that over seventy percent of social media users share videos with their friends. Video ads can successfully generate traffic for your brand with many consumers purchasing your product too.

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