How to Register a Pet Store for Business?


Almost every family has pets. Their owners are regular customers of pet stores. Business experts argue that pet stores are very popular, which is why this type of activity is profitable. Opening a store is not difficult, but you need to organize your activities properly to make money for the business.


Energy Assessment

First, you need to think about what you want to open. Suppose it is a small pavilion with an area of ​​20 square meters, or you decide to rent a shop with a retail area of ​​200 square meters. It all depends on your aspirations but there are pluses and minuses everywhere.


Drawing Documents

You need to register with the tax office to run the activity. To do this, first, select the organizational and legal forms. You can compare the two forms for the articles "LLC Registration" and "IP Registration" (here you can also find the documents required for registration).


Search the Premises

When choosing a selling point, pay attention to the flow of people. It is better if your store is located near a few large supermarkets in a residential area. It is not advisable to open a pet store in the city center, as the business may not be profitable (as a rule, rents are much higher in these places; there are very few people to buy goods).


You can create a clear report on what kind of services you can provide to your business. Or providing information on where to get additional services. E.g.- how to euthanize a dog with Benadryl at home? The answer to this question or giving the right direction etc.


Coming with the Design of the House

If you want to attract customers, develop an original design, for example, you can decorate a shop in the form of a doghouse. To find an idea, contact the experts. Choose a disrespectful name for your pet store, it should be memorable and at the same time unusual. Order a sign at the agency, do not save money on it, because the presence of the store is very important! Buy equipment needed for pet stores, for example, showcases, racks, shelves, cash registers, loose feed scales for sale.


Drawing an Assortment and Selecting the Supplier

Decide the product. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Start with the minimum, i.e. get pet food, litter, pet accessories, etc. In the process of work, you can expand the range by buying things like animal houses, care products.


Find reliable suppliers. To do this, get as much information as possible about their activities, specify the age of the organization, read reviews on the Internet, and look for terms of cooperation. Conclude a contract for the supply of goods. Remember delivery must be regular, otherwise, you may end up with empty shelves, and customers will go to your competitors.

Staff Hiring

When sorting vendors, it was better to prioritize those animals who worked with those who liked the animals. If the employee has veterinary education, this is a big plus, since he will be able to advise clients on animal care and treatment! Also, hire an accountant and merchandiser.



If you want to attract customers, you must tell them about their fancy stores. To do this, use outdoor advertising, for example, order a banner or place an ad on TV.


If you have experience in this activity, please share the information with us! Let's teach each other because then it will be easier to bypass all failures!

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