How to Use Google Ads Optimization Score to Make Better Ads

Nowadays the Google Ads have started using machine learning and automation just like the advertising industry does. Google Ads use new features, manages campaigns of various types and has a UI that has been redesigned. The companies who are interested in the growth of their business can take advantage of these changes. It is very important to give proper consideration to the Optimization Score as introduced by Google because this is a remarkable change.

Define Google Ads Optimization Score

In order to give a complete health score to your account of Google Ads, Google tries to give you a score known as Optimization Score in Google Ads. When you implement the recommendations of Google’s account then its expected impact can be quantified with this score. As per the setup of your account, finding optimizations will be possible if machine learning is leveraged by Google for the purpose of making the recommendations. Basically from 0 % to 100 % the Optimization Score exists. It is necessary for you to contact an expert in digital marketing if this score is 0 %. On the other hand, it will be considered that no opportunities exist for the machine learning of Google if this score is 100 %.

Calculation of Google Ads Optimization Score

On the basis of the latest recommendations’ history, available recommendations’ impact, campaigns’ status, account status, settings and statistics, a real-time calculation of the Optimization Score is possible. The ads ecosystem’s trends and your settings are the various factors which are responsible for the change in available recommendations as well as in the optimization score. Because of these changes there is a possibility of getting a recommendations’ new set and a score that is different from the previous one.

Focus of optimization score

Conversion value or maximizing conversions are the objectives of your business which are focused on recommendations and Optimization Score. The forecast models of Google and data of your campaign are the two things according to which these recommendations work. Basically, a campaign or an account can be the reason for the existence of a recommendation. On the basis of your strategy of bidding the goal of your campaign can be determined with the help of Optimization Score. Expressing your goal will be very easy if a strategy of smart bidding that is fully-automated and optimal is used for your campaign. On the other hand, the data of your campaign and your account can serve as a basis for the strategy of smart bidding which gives the goal of your campaign, if no strategy exists for your campaign.

The Optimization Score’s further personalization is under your control. If for the goals of your business, you optimize certain conversions then adjusting these conversions is under your control.

By navigating the Google Ads account’s Recommendations page, the optimization score’s focus can be identified. The optimization score’s details can be seen on the page’s top and these are:

1.Clicks, impressions and conversions can be the optimization score’s focus.

2.Google Ads recommendations or your set bid strategy can serve as your focus’s base.

3.Now look at some status icons that are colored:

  • If by default a conversion focus has taken the place of optimization score then it is indicated by a red minus.

  • If for recommendation, the base is your focus and your strategy is not understood by Google Ads then it is indicated by a question mark in yellow color.

  • If bid strategy serves as a base for your goal’s focus and if bid strategy is understood by Google Ads, then it is indicated by a checkmark in green color.

How do recommendations work?

For improving your campaign’s performance, there are some recommendations that come with optimization scores. Trends and search volume of Google, settings of campaign, and performance history serve as a basis for these recommendations. From <0.1 % to 100 %, there is a value known as score uplift that is present with each recommendation. On the complete metrics of the campaign the recommendations’ estimated impact is reflected by the score uplift. There is a possibility of getting a score greater than 100 by adding various scores. The reason behind this is that a few recommendations are invalidated by applying some other recommendations.

How recommendations are applied?

Your campaigns’ efficiency and overall performance can increase if you improve ads, keywords and bidding with the help of recommendations. For applying a recommendation:

  • Go to the recommendation

  • Click View

  • Click apply

For applying all the recommendations:

  • Go to the recommendation card

  • Click Apply all

How recommendations are dismissed?

A recommendation can be dismissed by you if as per the campaign of your ad you do not find it relevant. But how will you do it? A recommendation can be dismissed by clicking on X on the recommendation’s top right corner. For dismissing each and every recommendation:

  • Go to the recommendation card

  • Click on 3 vertical dots

  • Click Dismiss all

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