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Loan Amount: Up to $5,000 Repayment Terms: Up to 24 months Funding Type: Personal Installment Loans Requirements: U.S. resident, legal age, proof of income, bank account Decision: FAST Funding: The same day or next business.

Loan Amount Up to $5,000
Repayment Terms Up to 24 months
Funding Type Personal Installment Loans
Requirements U.S. resident, legal age, proof of income, bank account
Decision FAST
Funding The same day or next business day


 APPLY TO INDYLEND.COM NOW is an online web platform that provides a convenient one-stop service for borrowers to fill out a single application form for personal loans to be considered by multiple lenders.

Available loan amount is up to $5,000 and while Indy Lend is not a lending company, the chances of getting personal loan offers through their platform are quite high as they work with multiple lenders that provide personal, installment and payday loans.



Fast application: Applications for personal loans at are all done online and could be completed within a matter of minutes.

Low Credit Welcome: Borrowers with low credit scores can still apply for personal loans at Indy Lend. The chance of getting an offer is quite high as they work with different lenders, some of whom do extend loan offers to borrowers with lower FICO scores.

Fast Decision & Funding: Decisions could be rendered by most lenders in a matter of minutes although some lenders may require additional steps like income verification and phone interviews.


Small Loan Amount: Indy Lend’s pool of lenders only process loan applications up to $5,000. If you require a higher amount, you will need to look at other providers first to minimize inquiries in your credit report.

High APR: Indy Lend works with different types of lenders with different sets of funding policies. You may get payday loan offers that carry very high interest rates, please consider these terms and rates carefully before accepting any offer.

Possible Multiple Hard Pulls: When you first apply for loans on an online platform such as Indy Lend, lenders will do a 'soft pull' for your credit records that will not affect your score. If you accept an offer from a lender, that’s when that particular lender does a ‘hard pull’ for your records that will have an effect on your score.

Because these lenders provide small loan amounts, you may decide to accept several offers from different lenders. This will result in multiple hard pulls on your record and that can have a significant impact on your credit score.


WikiLoan has an affiliate partnership agreement with As such, WikiLoan is compensated financially by for every client/borrower that we refer to them who accepts any loan offers.

RESTRICTIONS: Residents from NY, AR, WV, VT will not be able to fill an application form at this lender’s website.

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