Insure your smile with dental insurance.

They say that a smile costs less than electricity but gives more light and although in these times it is difficult to see the faces of others due to the mask, it is not an excuse to neglect our teeth. The key to beautiful teeth begins with healthy teeth and to ensure our dental health and that of our family , it is best to have the opinion of an expert insurance professional, to guide us on the best options.

Dental insurance.

Like other health insurance, dental insurance offers us the guarantee of being attended in urgent cases without having to go through a waiting list, but it also covers us against other cases that Social Security does not contemplate , such as caries treatment. , implants and orthodontics. When hiring insurance to protect our teeth, it is very important to take into account the services that we are going to need, so as not to overpay but not to fall short. We must also assess other aspects, such as the professionals who will attend us, the centers we can go to and the technical means they have.

Preventive treatments.

The vast majority of dental insurances include preventive treatments, that is, check- ups, mouth cleanings and fillings , but they also take into account diagnostic tests and surgeries and extractions (including wisdom teeth), as well as check- ups after an intervention .

Children and adolescents.

Other services that we should consider in the case of children, and sometimes not so young , are orthodontics and other dental correction treatments , since they can reach a quite high price.

The insurance usually covers the consultation and the previous study of each case, as well as the X-rays, the mouth guard and the braces and other accessories. In the case of needing a dental prosthesis or an implant, your insurance would also cover the expenses, as well as the costs derived from the maintenance.

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