Parenting agreement child custody attorney Sydney, Child custody Sydney

The parenting agreement, child custody attorney Sydney means with whom the child will live and what time they will spend with the other parent during holidays, school days or on any other special occasions like Easter, birthdays or on cultural or religious days.

In family law cases, you should resolve your parenting disputes through dispute resolution services before you apply to the court for parenting orders. Unless you bring a certificate from an accredited family dispute practitioner, the court won’t be able to hear an application for a parenting order.

The court will make a decision on where the children will live and with whom only if the parents can’t make the decision on their own. The court will look at the relevant child custody laws in the Family Law Act to make this decision.

It is not only the parents who can ask for a child custody attorney; anyone or any parent can ask for the attorney who has an interest in the care, welfare, and development of the child. This can include stepparents, grandparents and legal parents.

It’s important to have a sensible ally on your side. Emotions are heavy in child custody disputes, and they are the most difficult areas in the family law; therefore, an expert’s advice is very important when the matter is about your child. Matthew Buckley is a specialised family lawyer in Sydney offering tailored solutions for your family law matters.


Child custody Sydney


Australian law always focuses on the rights of the children first when it comes to child custody, so that the child can have an ongoing relationship with both parents. Separation of the spouse or partner doesn’t mean separation from your child or children.

Each parent gets an equal say in a decision related to their child or children in the areas such as education and health. Both parents get legal obligations and responsibilities when it comes to sharing parental responsibilities. If the child lives with the other parent, you may still have shared responsibility.

As Matthew Buckley is experienced in child custody Sydney, he can advise you on the complexities of your specific circumstances and guide you throughout your legal procedure.

He can also navigate on your behalf to obtain the best possible result for your children. Matthew Buckley can use his experience to your advantages when it comes to court.

You can contact him now without hesitating as he is very friendly and one of the most experienced lawyers and can give you the best advice and can make you feel comfortable in the whole legal procedure.

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