Time between death and funeral, how long does it take?

When a relative dies, a series of procedures related to the death is triggered that many families do not know how to deal with. One of them refers to the time between death and the funeral that must be respected. 
First of all, it is necessary to check whether or not the deceased had funeral insurance, since, if so, it greatly speeds up the process. If this policy exists, it is only necessary to contact the insurance company to take care of all the procedures or a large part of them, depending on the coverage that was contracted. Otherwise, if the deceased person did not have a funeral policy, it is necessary to find a funeral company to manage the burial or cremation, as well as the wake, travel, etc. 

Times and procedures after a death 

Taking into account that after a person's death basic paperwork has to be done, the time between death and funeral should be at least 24 hours. The steps to be taken are: 

Death Medical Certificate

It is a basic document to proceed with other subsequent procedures, such as the registration of the death in the Civil Registry, so it will be one of the first steps to be addressed. This certificate has to be issued by the doctor who attended the patient or any other who verifies the certainty of death. For this, the family members must present the DNI or any other official document that proves the identity of the deceased. 

Death registration 

The next step is to register the death in the Civil Registry office of the municipality where the death occurred. It is necessary to present the Medical Death Certificate and complete the corresponding form. This process due to death must be carried out within 24 hours of death and is necessary to obtain the burial license. Upon entering the Civil Registry, the death produces full civil effects, communicating it to the local registry and the INE. 

Burial license

Once the death registration has been carried out, the person in charge of the Civil Registry issues the burial license that allows burial or cremation of the corpse. Family members can request this document, although as a general rule, the funeral home is usually in charge of it. 
From here on, the funeral company is responsible for all services in relation to the transfer of the deceased, the wake, etc. It must be taken into account that the time between death and the funeral cannot be less than 24 hours or more than 48 hours, except in the case of a special case. In addition, to carry out the cremation, it is necessary that the deceased person had specified it in a certificate of last wills or that a first-line family member indicates it. 
Taking into account that it is a delicate moment for the family, any help to solve the procedures is welcome. For this reason, having death insurance will help family members to forget about the formalities and spend the mourning as a family. MAPFRE's funeral insurance offers:

  • Peace of mind, so you can worry about the truly important.
  •  Full funeral service
  • Free choice of cemetery
  • Assistance to people, for example, through the processing of all the necessary documents or offering psychological help to family members. 
  • Realization of the will at no cost (including notary)
  • Adapted to the whole family and without age limits. 

How do I plan a funeral?

Remember, you can combine different types of services. It's about choosing a service or a combination of services that suits your loved one's wishes. Once you have decided on a style for the funeral you are planning, you may wonder how to organize and conduct the service.

The professionals at Dignity Memorial® are here to help. We begin compassionately by asking about your loved ones - their passions, interests, and personality. Here's help planning the details. It is a stressful and difficult time, and our promise is to commemorate each life like no other. With a checklist to organize service details along with other helpful resources, we can guide you through the process of planning an appropriate tribute.

If you want to plan a funeral or memorial service for yourself or a loved one, download our Expert Funeral Planning Guide to start planning today. Feel confident that your style, your wishes, and your preferences will be honored in the exact way that you wish.
Plan a beautiful and personal keepsake
Each life is like no other. Particular passions, defining moments, and created legacies intertwine to tell a story that is completely unique. The informative cremation and funeral service planning guide will guide you through inspiring ideas and easy steps to planning an unforgettable memorial service in the life of a loved one, or your own when you plan ahead.

How to manage the cost of a funeral

Contrary to popular belief, no funeral is the same as another. In almost all cases, the funeral rite is prepared and managed without any advance by the customer and there are not many people who in their will indicate the guidelines of how they would like their funeral to be carried out, relieving family members from deciding in hurry the details of the rite.

This is why knowing how to choose the most competent and professional funeral agency becomes very important in order to guarantee the deceased loved one a funeral as perfect as possible, which is carried out with precision and managed with attention and attention to detail in every aspect: from the choice of the material of the coffin, flowers, transport, up to the handling of paperwork.
We often read of companies that offer diversified services in economic and luxury, as if to create class distinctions like in airplanes or trains.

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