What aspects must be taken into account to apply for a loan?

Currently, applying for a loan can be a decision that we should not take lightly, especially when there are certain aspects that we must consider.What aspects must be taken into account to apply for a loan? tips that you should take into account before applying for a loan. 


What to consider when applying for a loan

Making an  application for a loan is linked to a need, however it is not always the most viable solution. You must bear in mind that you are acquiring a debt in the medium or long term, and with it, a payment responsibility. 

Many times the conditions offered by banks can be seen as beneficial, but we must not forget that you must make sure that you are able to meet the payments during the term of the loan. 

For this reason, before applying for a loan, you should answer the following questions:

Loan Principal: How Much Money Do I Need?

Knowing exactly the amount you require will help you not to assume a debt that you do not need. Loans, as their name indicates, are sums of money that we must return to the financial institution progressively, adding of course the interest rate and commissions that have been stipulated. Although the possibility of obtaining more financing than what is really necessary sounds tempting, it will be best to adjust to what you really need, so you will avoid a higher debt or pay higher interest. 

For how long can I assume the debt? 

This is a key question when applying for a loan, many times we get carried away by finding a solution, however financial institutions and experts recommend that you first analyze your debt capacity and, of course, your ability to repay the loan as over time, to avoid incurring defaults or delays that generate an increase in commissions damaging your credit history.  

What type of loan do I need?

It is important that you determine the  type of loan  that you are going to need, according to the purpose you can obtain a series of conditions that adapt more to what you are looking for, spend a little time investigating the types of loans, conditions and entities where you can buy it will be of great help. 

How to choose the best loan? 

Applying for a loan carries some debt, and this can be dangerous, so it is not a decision that you can afford to make lightly. Whether you are looking to pay for a vacation, remodel your home, start a business or buy a car, it is best to go to financial institutions that offer convenient options. Also, before  applying for a loan, take into consideration the following aspects: 

Compare different offers

Currently there are many options that we can find when we look for a loan, the ideal is to make a comparison on the offer of each financial institution, this can be done by consulting the website of each institution or by going in person to a branch. Another option that could be very useful in this step is to make use  of loan comparators . 

Type of interest

The interest rate that you will assume when applying for a loan is called Nominal Interest Rate (TIN) and will vary according to the loan and bank entity. You can opt for a fixed or variable interest rate, although in personal loans a fixed interest rate is usually more common, which will allow you to ensure that the payment to be paid does not undergo any change, otherwise the variable interest. 

When hiring a loan, in addition to the interest rate, you must be attentive to the fees and expenses associated with the loan. Although most financial institutions promise low TIN, the loans usually present a series of commissions that you must be willing to assume, such as the opening commission or the amortization of capital, even sometimes they include linking of products such as the case of insurance that complement the real cost of the loan, take into account the Annual Equivalent Rate (APR), this is where the total cost of the loan is included. 

Amount of the fee

The payment amounts will depend on your financial capacity. Although you can get low fees, you should not necessarily consider it as a saving, as this can imply a much longer term and even higher commissions. According to your ability to pay and how you project financially in the future, you can study the possibility of assuming short payment terms even if the fees are higher. 

Look at the commissions and links

Another feature that you should pay attention to is the  commissions and product links  that financial institutions apply to loans, although you can find low interest rates on the web, these commissions and products can make your application significantly more expensive, In addition, sometimes some of the banking institutions usually charge a commission for advance payments, and this is something that if you have the possibility to do so, you will surely want to avoid.  

Read the fine print well

It is preferable to ask more and avoid setbacks than to be left with doubts for fear of being seen as inexperienced, reading the contract carefully and consulting the executive any questions that may arise will be one of your best weapons, many times contracts apply concepts and terms that at the first try can create confusion. You have to be very careful and inform yourself if any of the clauses present any detail that could mean future surprises. 

It is important that when applying for a loan you ask yourself and honestly answer the questions that we have mentioned in the beginning, also take time to learn about the different options available in the market. If you are really interested in applying for a loan, we invite you to visit our related articles on better credits in 2021. And you, why would you ask for a loan?

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