Which are the Top 2 Most Commonly Used Custom Packaging Boxes?

As you will look around in the market, you will be finding different fields and industries in which the use of custom boxes has been extremely in demand. You can have them purchase in different types and designs to pick the one which suits according to product dimensions. No doubt that the use of custom packaging boxes is vital when it comes to successful product marketing. 

But as you will find a huge diversity in the types of custom boxes, you will find varied forms of uses in this packaging solution. Now the main question which hit so many minds is that what makes all such boxes to be so much special. Let’s just not waste time and get into a discussion with the most common types of custom box packaging

Cardboard wholesale custom boxes

Cardboard custom packaging boxes are one such type of packaging solution which is quite common in all fields and industries. You will be finding it extremely significant when it comes to the excellent protection of the items at the time of shipping. Cardboard boxes are available in durable materials which make them survive to stay with you for long years. 

Many of us are completely aware of the term cardboard packaging which is all about the natural packaging material. It is all obtained from the wooden pulp. The best thing about these boxes is that it is available in varied sizes and shapes. Due to the eco-friendly nature of the cardboard boxes, it protects the box from harsh weather conditions. 

To sum up the whole discussion, this is an excellent box packaging solution. They do know how to give your product much-needed protection against any cracks or damage. If you are selling sensitive items or fragile products, then choosing the packaging of cardboard boxes is the best option for you.

Corrugated cardboard custom boxes

The next on our list is the corrugated cardboard boxes which is another basic type of custom box. They do have the feel and look which is quite similar to the standard cardboard boxes. But somehow they might come up with some differences. 

In comparison with the ordinary type of cardboard packaging material, corrugated custom cardboard is yet twice in thickness. But at the same time, it is providing better protection, especially for fragile items during shipping.

Besides, corrugated custom boxes are equally helpful when it comes to shipping various products. This is all due to the traditional cardboard layers, which protect your product even in harsh weather conditions. Shipping will become at its ease with the help of such a packaging solution. Furthermore, corrugated has a wide range of flutes which will strengthen the product. 

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