Which are the variegated kinds of eye care professional specialists?

Whenever we experience the blurriness in vision or the reduction in the vision capability to see clearly, then we tend to visit any eye hospital in Punjab, as the hospitals have made available the services of all kinds of doctors, and we benefit from all the required services under one roof.

No matter whether you want to undergo Lasik surgery in Punjab or you want to undergo a regular check-up, there are always some kinds of special doctors which you should visit.

So in this article, we are going to make you acquainted with some of the special kinds of eye care professionals.


Opticians are neither counted in the eye specialists nor are doctors. These do have the required skills and the qualifications to carry out eye examinations. They can only help the patients to fulfil their prescriptions. For example, these help to make the person choose from the various kinds of power glasses and frames. The opticians are not regarded as the doctors, rather these are some of the shop owners which are responsible for making your eye look aesthetically pleasing by providing you with the design frames and glass.


These are the special kinds of eye care specialists who have specialisations in the eye and vision care. They are accountable for diagnosing and treating eye diseases, performing surgical treatments and providing the prescription of the glasses and lenses. The ophthalmologists are to be consulted if you are suffering from any of the following eye problems:


       Refractive errors





       Dry eyes


       Eye floaters

       Vision loss

       Eye injury

       Crossed eyes

       Droopy eyelids



       Macular degeneration

       Diabetic retinopathy

       Eye cancer

There are certain kinds of subspecialists which come under the category of the ophthalmologist:

       Cornea specialist

These specialists do not only help you to get treated with cornea problems. But along with that, these are responsible for performing the LASIK surgery and the corneal transplant.

       Retina specialist

These are the specialists who are accountable for diagnosing, treating and managing retinal diseases which may be in the form of macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Other kinds of specialists are

       Glaucoma specialist

       Paediatric specialists

       Neuro ophthalmologist

       Oculoplastic surgeons


These are also the special eye care professionals who are accountable for assisting the ophthalmologists. They are accountable for prescribing the corrective lenses for the correction of vision problems. But they are never supposed to prescribe you the medicines and the eye surgeries. The optometrist is trained to:

       Ascertain if the vision is clear or not

       Diagnose various kinds of the vision problems

       Test whether the person is having a good ability to see the colours and focus with the eyes

       Provide with the prescription of the eyeglasses and the contact lens

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