Why Did My Facebook Account Get Locked

Facebook is a safe and happy place for interaction, making friends, building a healthy network, joining productive groups, etc. Around millions of users all over the globe use Facebook on a daily basis as a routine and get along with it for their fun, work, entertainment, business, and others. It all goes smooth and fine until and unless you use Facebook by following facebook guidelines. 

Facebook has set some rules and regulations for their users to create a  healthy and safe environment for every user on Facebook, but if you don’t follow any of the Facebook guidelines, then Facebook may bring the consequences by getting your account locked out Facebook. You won’t be able to use your Facebook account anymore as your account will be temporarily locked.  

There are plenty of reasons why you get your Facebook account locked, in this article, we will be covering all the possible reasons that can get your Facebook account locked temporarily and how to unlock it again.

Reasons for Facebook account temporarily locked

  1. Unnecessary spamming:-  if you have posted an excess amount of messages or photos or any kind of unnecessary fitting of content in a short period then facebook will consider as spam and will lock your account 

  2. Fake account:- if you have an account on Facebook with some anonymous identity that you hardly use or use for any suspicious intention then Facebook will block your account assuming it a fake and unidentified account.

  3. Friend request:- if you have crossed the marginal limit of sending a friend request, which is around max 5000, then your account will be locked against the policy of Facebook.

  4. Underage:- to be on Facebook as a user, the minimum age one should have is 16 years old, if you are below that age, your account will be taken under action and will be locked against the policy of Facebook.

  5. Creating offence:- if you have commented/posted/texted anything that comes under the category of offence in facebook guidelines, then your account will be blocked by Facebook.

  6. Hacked:- if the user hasn’t disturbed the guidelines of Facebook anyway and still their account got disabled/locked, then it would be a signal that your account got hacked and somebody else is using your account and creating trouble under your name on Facebook, which Facebook will find suspicious and lock that account.

  7. Malware:- if you are getting unnecessary pop-ups on your Facebook wall while using Facebook or getting trouble in logging and signing then it could be the reason that your device is under the attack of malware virus, due to which your Facebook account would be locked.

How to unlock a temporarily locked Facebook account 

  1. As your account will be locked, Facebook will send you a notification that “due to security reasons your account is temporarily locked” 

  2. Go to any regular browser and paste the link


  1. Enter your details such as email address or mobile number 

  2. Enter your full name 

  3. Now go to choose files, select the file and   attach your  ID  Proof 

  4. It’ll take a few times or even days to verify your account, once facebook will confirm your approval, you can get back to your account.

Alternative method to unlock Facebook without security proof

  1. Go to regular browser and paste 


  1. Enter your login details like username and password

  2. Click on “GET HELP FROM FRIENDS” on the security page

  3. A list of your top friends will appear

  4. Chose anyone of them, who can be available right that moment 

  5. Select and then press continue 

  6. A code will be sent to your friend whom you selected

  7. Get that code from your friend and enter it in the space given

  8. Now wait for a while , and your locked facebook account will be unlocked after the approval by facebook.


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