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You are a foreigner and are wondering to how to open a bank account in Vietnam?
Let VietinBank iPay Mobile bring a whole banking serviceto you.
As an online application, customers only need to own a smart phone with Internet connection (3G, 4G, wifi) to be able to access and use the application easily.

With VietinBank iPay Mobile, customers can experience countless features and utilities such as money transfer; online savings; pay the bill; order tickets for flights, trains; hotel reservations, movie tickets, vaccination sites; buy 3G/4G DATA; Online purchases or connecting e-wallets to shop on e-commerce sites are fully and quickly met by the application.

Not only that, customers can also open online accounts through the eKYC identification feature with extremely secure FacePay authentication method; Open a debit or credit card (physical/non-physical); Create Alias nickname for the account; Online overdraft loans right on iPay are fast, simple, without any procedures, papers and many other outstanding features to help customers not having to go to the bank but could still successfully perform financial transactions.

Choosing to use VietinBank iPay Mobile, you do not have to worry about fees because all transactional services are FREE without any binding conditions on maintaining account balances or transactions.

When all the hard work is taken care by VietinBank iPay Mobile, you are let free to enjoy life.

Download VietinBank iPay Mobile :

Contact: 1900 558 868, Email: [email protected]

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