Help for debt control: new financial relief simulator to calculate quota reductions.

How to request financial relief? If you feel that you still need clear answers about what to do, at Tranqui Finance we want to help you, that is why we have developed a new financial planning tool to continue contributing to the efficient management of personal finances and here a key point is debt control. 

Consequently we want to contribute a grain of sand to the management of this problem, as many people have written to us with doubts about the financial relief of the banks and about what can be done with the debts in the middle of the Health Emergency that still go on.

For this reason, we have developed the new financial planning tool, Tranqui Finance's financial relief simulator, which allows people to plan their personal finances and debt payments, according to the actual payment capacity they have today.

And, that the possible debt renegotiations achieved in the second semester of 2020, can be calculated with the new financial relief simulator, ensuring that they are under the guidelines dictated by the Superfinancial in the PAD, the Debtor Support Program in force until the month of December. 

Among the steps to follow if you want to know how to apply to financial relief, once you have made a monthly budget ( Here you can find a tool that helps you deepen in the preparation of a family budget), is to start using the financial relief simulator that we have developed in Tranqui

This simulator, seeks to help in debt management and is available from September 15, 2020. Use it to better organize the total of debts.

With a view to establishing a new monthly installment with which it can meet its financial obligations, and to know in which cases it could apply to the financial relief of the second wave stipulated by the Superfinanciera. 

How does Tranqui Finanzas' new financial relief simulator work?

We invite you to watch a DEMO video below to better guide you on the operation of Tranqui's new financial relief simulator and the way it helps you to control debt:

Remember that at Tranqui Finanzas we are not a financial institution, so when asked what can I do to access financial relief? Once the relief simulator has been used, the person must continue with the application process. 

To do so, they must finally negotiate directly with their bank, but only if they know what their payment capacity is, and what is the monthly amount that would allow them to pay their debts. Well, the least advisable thing is to do a renegotiation that you will not be able to pay later. 

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Note: the new tool developed by Tranqui Finanzas is a free-to-use financial relief simulator, and it does not intend to solve everything related to the application process directly with banks, nor is it against credit services.

Instead, we seek to promote financial health among Colombians so that they can know how to deal with their debts and thus be able to pay them to the extent of the new payment capabilities they currently have due to the impact on their income due to Covid-19 . 

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