How do you add a Gmail account to your iPhone?

Gmail is a widely used network for connecting with people and also for Official purposes. Gmail account can easily be set up on any Android device but If you are an iPhone user you might have wondered many times how to add Gmail to iPhone. In this article, you will get accurate and full information regarding the setup of your Gmail account on your iPhone device. 

By following the instruction given below you can easily get to know how to set up Gmail on iPhone

Using IMAP server to access your Gmail on your iPhone

Step 1. To begin, start the IMAP server for your Gmail. 

Step 2. Go ahead towards the “Settings” application of your iPhone.

Step 3. Now, look for “Passwords & Accounts” option.

Step 4. In “Passwords & Accounts” options you will see a option of “Add Account”. Click on it and then on the “Google” tab. 

Step 5. Next, fill up your Gmail address then click on the “Next” option.

Step 6.  Now, after entering your Gmail email password again go for the “Next” option. 

Step 7. Now, look for the “Mail Toggle” switch and turn it on. It will ensure that you can use your email. There are several other items there too like, Calendar events, sync contacts, notes, etc that can be turned on too. 

Step 8. Select the “Save” option. 

Step 9. Lastly, exit the home screen by clicking the “Home button


Using POP server to access your Gmail on your iPhone

Step 1. Turn on the POP Server for your Gmail email account. 

Step 2. Visit the “Settings” application of your device. Click on it.

Step 3. Then search for the “Passwords & Accounts” option. Tap on it. 

Step 4. The Add Account” option will be there, select it and then select the “Add Mail Account” option.

Step 5. Now, enter your details like your name, your date of birth, your Gmail email address, your Gmail address password, etc. After entering your credentials click on the “Next” option.

Step 6. Go for the “POP” option and click on the option. 

Step 7. Now change the settings of the Gmail POP Server Settings. 

  • Name of the Host –

  • Name of the User – Our email address

  • Password – Enter the password of your Gmail email account 

Step 8. Select the “Save” option. 

Step 9. Now, you need to select the Gmail account you have added already.

Step 10. Go to and click on it. 

Step 11. Now, kick off the “Use SSL” toggle switch.

Step 12. The already existing number in the “Server Port” box needs to be deleted and a new number i.e. 465 is to be entered. 

Step 13. Finally, click on the “Done” option to add your Gmail email to your iPhone device. 

Congratulations! You are done with adding your Gmail to your iPhone device. 


Now, that you know how to set up Gmail on iPhone you can easily add any Gmail address on your iPhone device and use the features and options of Gmail even on your iPhone device. 


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