How To Embed Google And Facebook Reviews Widget To Your Website

Do you remember coming across a website with absolutely no reviews? Do you recall trusting it? No, probably not. This is why having reviews on the website is important. They act as social proof, increase brand trust, and awareness among the potential customers. 

In fact, they work as an amazing marketing asset, and brands must work to utilize them to the best of their potential. One way of doing so is by embedding it on the website. 

Don’t worry you need not be a tech geek to be able to do this, follow these simple steps, to be able to embed Facebook and Google reviews easily on your website. 

How to Embed Facebook Reviews On The Website?

92% of the people run through reviews before visiting a store. This makes it all the more important for brands to include reviews given by the users of the brand onto the website. Follow these steps to be able to do it successfully.


Self-Embed Method


By leveraging the self-embed method, you can directly choose and embed the reviews generated on Facebook to the website.

  • Head over to the reviews section of your business’s Facebook page

  • Choose the review that you wish to embed and then click on the three dots in the upper right corner

  • Here, click on ‘embed’, copy the code and check out the preview to know how will it finally look on your website

  • Go to your website’s HTML OR CMS editor and paste the given code. 

This is pretty much it. You have your Facebook reviews embedded on the website. 

Facebook Reviews Widget 


You can employ a social media aggregator to help you collect the reviews generated on your Facebook business page. 

Social media aggregators can easily fetch content from your Facebook account and embed it on your website. In fact, you can easily moderate the content and filter it out from among all the reviews generated and display the most relevant ones to make an impact on your viewers. 


Customize the look of the widget and align it with your brand’s aesthetics to further make it appealing. The best part is, it gets updated in real-time, which means your website’s visitors can see reviews as and when they are shared by the users. 


All that you need to do is, copy the code generated after all the processes, preview and paste the code on your website’s backend. Easy and efficient, isn’t it? 


How To Embed Google Reviews On The Website?

Self-Embed Method

Google reviews are an essential part of any website. To be able to win the trust of the visitors, let your existing users share their experience with others online. Read ahead to figure out the ways in which you can embed Google reviews into your website. 


  • Sign in to the Google account controlling your business listing.

  • Load your Google+ business page.

  • Click the share icon located in the lower right-hand corner of the review.

  • Click the options arrow in the top right corner of the shared post.

  • Choose "Embed Post" from this menu.

  • Copy the Header code.

  • Open the review page of your website in your preferred editor.

  • Paste the header code between theHTML tags on this page.

  • Copy the Content code.

  • Paste this code wherever you want to display the review.

Google Reviews Widget 

Choose social media aggregators that align with the Google API and its algorithm. It fetches all customer reviews from your Google Places and Google Maps locations. 


Using aggregating tools, you can add Google reviews and testimonials to your business page and your website visitors and potential customers can check all the reviews at a single place i.e., your website in no time. 


Choose social media aggregators like Taggbox Widget and Tagembed to collect reviews generated on Google pertaining to your business. 


Create your account, choose the preferred platform as Google and connect your Google My Business account to the chosen platform. 


Next, create your widget, moderate and customize it to maximize its efficacy. As the last step, copy and paste the generated widget code on your website. 


There you have it - a fancy widget of your Google reviews. 

Best Tools To Embed Facebook & Google Reviews On Websit

Taggbox Widget 


Taggbox Widget is a smart, result-driven tool that can effortlessly embed your Facebook and Google reviews on your website. Not just them, it, in fact, aggregates content from more than 15 social media platforms. 


Further, it provides robust moderation and customization options. Choose from amongst the 11 high-end themes to alter the look of your widget and to make it align with your brand’s values. 


Additionally, your feed gets updated in real-time; keeping your feed fresh, relevant, and unique to engage your audience like never before. 




Tagembed is yet another amazing social media aggregator tool to embed your Facebook and Google reviews widget on your website. It auto-generates content and embeds it on the website 


The tool helps in better managing your business’s online presence with an all-in-one reputation management software for review generation, management, and showcasing the most relevant reviews on your website. Turn your users’ voices into sales with the power tool. 

Over To You 

Now that you know how you can embed Google and Facebook reviews to your website and the best of tools, that can be of help. Why not leverage the influence that review widgets have? 


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